Some level of diversity in expertise is a guarantee for solutions finding: One may be surprised to find out how certain decisions by the highest courts can impact different fields of law beyond the limited boundaries of narrow specialties.


We have experience and practice in most fields of law, but have special expertise in the following:

Intellectual property, unfair practices and related matters

Litigation and advisory services in relation to patent issues, design, trademarks, copyrights and unfair competition law.

Long experience in information technology (IT) and negotiation of several nine digits and lesser deals and most extensive service level agreements.

Drafting of copyright licence agreements, know-how agreements, patent licensing agreements, co-existence agreements, confidentiality agreements, business secrets.

Advice in relation to publicity and marketing campaigns. Advice on personal data protection. Lectures on the legal implications of direct marketing and e-commerce.

Regular lectures on intellectual property law issues.

Industries: watch, edition, luxury goods, fashion, chemical industry synthetic fibres, IT, computer industry, graphic industry, medical devices, sports.

Antitrust (cartels)

Representation of entities involved in investigations launched by antitrust authorities.

Representation of enterprises in civil disputes in front of civil jurisdictions and arbitral tribunals on antitrust issues.

Representation of corporations and service providers in front of the ComCo and the Federal Administrative Tribunal.
Drafting and advising in relation to distribution agreements, technology sharing agreements, etc.

Implementation of compliance programs tailored to the requirements of the market, the functioning and the needs of undertakings in their own environment.

Past Presidency of the Swiss Competition Law Association (ASAS), prev. General Rapporteur of the International League of Competition Law. Regular contributions to conferences and lectures on competition law.

Industries: automotive, edition/publishing, health care, luxury goods, pharmaceutical, construction, etc.

Banking, finance and corporate matters

Representation of banks’ clients in relation to asset management issues and other contractual issues.

Review and advice in relation to loan and financing agreements. Advice, drafting and review of all sorts of contracts, including large project financing by international organisations.

Representation of acquiring and acquired corporations in share deals, asset deals, due diligence, drafting of employment regulations, drafting of shareholders’ agreements and related advice.

Debt recovery and debt collection proceedings.

Industries: Banking, financial institutions, entertainment (music and edition).