Pierre practiced in all fields of law in different law firms in Geneva, Lausanne and in the United-States, as well as with the Federal administration in Bern and as a deputy judge in Geneva. He is frequently invited as a guest lecturer and is a recognized practitioner in the field of antitrust, intellectual property and dispute resolution.

Because of his previous functions as in-house, Pierre also has deep experience of complex contract negotiations and contract drafting and  advises not only in his special fields of expertise, but in relation to all sorts of commercial matters and negotiations,  corporate contracts, share purchase agreements, assets transfers, shareholders’ agreements, construction and banking matters such as banks’ liability in the management of clients’ assets and other issues pertaining to the client-bank relationship.

Dispute resolution services

Pierre regularly represents parties in front of civil courts and arbitral tribunals. However, Pierre provides dispute resolution services and not just arbitration, or mediation, or litigation, or negotiation.

All are different means towards the same end: the resolution of an existing or potential dispute. Dispute resolution advice consists in finding the course of action that best matches your interests and values, taking all circumstances into consideration. It means listening and giving particular attention to your needs. It also means considering and weighing all means available, litigation in court, arbitration, neutral recommendation, mediation, negotiation and so on. This requires method and a precise legal analysis and evaluation of chances of success in court followed by a comparison with all other dispute resolution solutions that could reasonably be considered. You will then, with our support, decide the course of action most in line with your interests. If litigation is the best course of action, we will litigate without compromise.

Mediation, arbitration and expert-arbitration

Pierre is often appointed as a neutral to facilitate or to decide disputes. Pierre is a recognized mediator (SAF Mediator, SCCM Mediator, Accredited civil mediator with the Republic and Canton of Geneva) and regular lecturer on mediation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Pierre is appointed as mediator in all sorts of commercial matters, construction contracts, distribution agreements, corporate matters, joint-ventures, intellectual property matters, license agreements, software development and licensing outsourcing deals, partnerships and other disputes between shareholders. He is also practicing in family and employment matters. As an arbitrator, Pierre is appointed in construction, distribution, manufacturing.

As an expert-arbitrator, Pierre is also regularly appointed by large and middle size corporations, public entities and other institutions, to solve and decide on mobbing or moral harassment complaints. This practice is based on the regulation set up by the institution or on the basis of an ad hoc framework proposed to the parties.

Competition matters and compliance

In relation to competition law matters, Pierre represents parties in front of the COMCO and federal appeal courts. Notably, he successfully tried in court one of the very few civil Swiss Cartel Act cases for damages in relation to the termination of a distribution agreement.

Pierre also provides advice and drafts contracts potentially raising antitrust concerns, such as distribution agreements, joint-venture agreements or technology sharing agreements, ensuring compliance with the Swiss Cartel Act and the EU competition law framework; he is drafting compliance programs covering antitrust issues and anti-bribery policies. He advises in relation to CSRs and the implementation of other corporate regulations, such as anti- moral harassment programs.

Intellectual property and unfair competition

The bulk of Pierre’s assignments in this sector is dispute resolution on the one hand, as an attorney, mediator or arbitrator, and contract drafting on the other hand.

Pierre is representing corporations and undertakings in court in relation to trademark issues, coexistence agreements, license agreements, patent and know-how issues and unfair competition matters such as parasitism. . Pierre advises on marketing issues, including direct marketing methods and other promotional campaigns and events that may or may not affect the rights of consumers (B2B, B2C, etc.).

His contract drafting covers all agreements regarding the use or sharing of intellectual property rights, such as licensing agreements, know-how licensing agreements, franchise agreements, manufacturing agreements etc. This includes advising corporations as to their intellectual property strategy and the protection of their most valuable assets.


Drawing on years of experience as in-house counsel during which Pierre negotiated and drafted all sorts of complex contracts in all regions of the world, Pierre is in a position to advise on complex international transactions, often in a highly technological environment and to bridge cultural and language barriers. This includes a.o., outsourcing agreements, software licencing agreements, telecommunications services agreements, sale of equipment etc.